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What are your plans for the future? Where do you want to be in 5 years? These as the questions you need to ask before choosing the course. Browse through our course option to see all available course offerings.

You know how important it is to be computer literate. Everywhere you look there are computers. If you want to keep up with the modern technology and achieve success in your work then the Computer Literacy course is for you.

As a Managers Assistant you will be responsible for the basic administrative activities in the office.  You will assist the corporate team in the course of meetings as well are bear the responsibility for the handling of clients and telephone calls.

This is a very popular entry level computer technician course. This forms the basis of further studies in the computer and network specialist field of study. If you like fixing things or have a love of computers then this course is definitely for you

Are you looking to start your own business as a webpage designer? Webpage design using WordPress is the best way for someone that has no design or programming skills to learn to design a webpage.

Knowledge of Pastel Partner has become an import skill to have. Pastel Partner is a popular South African bookkeeping program.  This course can be combined with Computer Literacry

International Qulification

If you focusing on a future in computers or any field that requires the use of computers, on certification can set you apart from the crowd. The Internet and Computing Core Certification can provide you with an international computer qualification

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